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Earn Money Watching Videos Online – 7 Websites to Make $30 Per Hour

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to earn money by just watching videos. You can make money without having any knowledge just by watching videos on your phone, laptops or any other devices you have. It might sound unreal, but it is possible to earn money just by watching videos. There are actually several companies out there that will pay you to watch videos and TV shows. You can earn some extra income in this way. However, It is a fun way to earn money, so you only earn a few dollars PayPal money or gift cards. We’re going to talk about exactly how you can make money just by watching videos. This method 100% free. Before we are deep diving in This is the first time you are here, this channel all about how to make money online using different methods, so If you want more video just like this, I invite you to go down and subscribe to this channel. There are many websites available, but we are going to discuss only seven best sites to make money by watching videos.

Number 1 Swagbucks TV Swagbucks is the best website for watching videos and getting paid for it. You can view the videos on loop and make extra cash. I hear a lot of success stories of people who are earning good extra cash with Swagbucks, mainly by watching videos. Swagbucks also gives you free $5 when you sign up with them. Number 2 Rev Captioner With Rev Captioner service, you can get from anywhere $30 to $60 per hour. It is a work at home job which involves watching videos and transcribing what is being said.

Captioning is just typing out the words which you hear on TV. Many popular Youtubers use this service for create closed caption for their videos. Rev services have over 100,000+ customers across all industries Media, Education, marketing including famous organization like BBC, BuzzFeed,, Google and more. Companies use Rev to caption videos, films, TV shows, ads, webinars, lectures, and training. This is a flexible work from home opportunity as you don’t need any prior experience for this role. You can apply for Rev freelance job position. You also need to pass a test before you get hired.

Number 3 Inbox Dollars This is the best place where you are able to make money by watching TV and a variety of short videos on a daily basis. Simply login sees the list of videos available for you to watch. You’ll watch movie previews, TV shows, news, and more right on your phone or laptop. Topics can include short clips to TV shows, movie previews, news clips, and advertisements. You get paid with cash and earn your first $5 just for signing up. So far, Inbox Dollars is paid to members over $57 million over fifteen years. So It’s a legit company you can try to earn some extra cash from today. Unfortunately, this program is not available in some countries. Number 4 This website gives you many ways to earn cash while watching TV. You can earn Perk Points by Watching movie and app trailers and popular videos. You can also earn money for other activities like Answering pop quizzes Performing web searches on Perk Shopping online Downloading and trying out new apps You can redeem Perk Points for cash, gift cards, merchandise, or to donate to charity.

Number 5 AppTrailers AppTrailers allows you to earn by watching trailers of apps. What AppTrailers does is, show users the trailers of other apps and reach out to a bigger audience. You can redeem your reward points with instant Gift cards and free cash with money from PayPal. Number 6 Paid2YouTube You get paid to watch YouTube videos. The site has been in business many years. This is a legitimate money making site. When your earnings reach $10 you will get paid via PayPal. Number 7 Grab Points You can earn money by watching TV or videos on the website. You do other online activities like Taking Surveys, Completing Offers, Downloading Apps and many more. you earn free gift cards or PayPal money. so this is a great way to make money just by watching videos. if you’re just getting started and you have literally no money to star.

it’s actually fun.

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