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THE #1 BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE in 2019? – How to make a course w/ Kevin David

– What is the best way to make money online in 2019? Today, we have a very good friend, Kevin David, multi-millionaire, over 10 million dollars in just 18 months, and he’s gonna show you exactly what is the best way to make money online in 2019. So if you wanna learn, do not go anywhere. What is up. My name is Josue Pena. With my friend Kevin David helping you grow and monetize your brand, business, and influence with social media and marketing. And today we’re all talking about the best way to make money online in 2019. And before we get into that, I wanted to just acknowledge and congratulate this guy to make over 10 million dollars in just 18 months. Dude, it is absolutely insane. Especially when you think about the fact that a six figure salary, which is $100,000, is you will literally need, what it is? – A hundred years. – A hundred years to make 10 million dollars, making 100 Gs a year. Which is a lot of money, okay? Don’t get me wrong. That’s a lot of money. But lets get right into the value because people don’t care about you, what results you’ve gotten.

They don’t care about the million dollars I made, which is a tiny bit compared to yours, they care about what they can do for themselves. So tell us, what is the best way to make money online in 2019? – Yeah, so there’s a lot of different ways you can make money, right? Making money is actually pretty easy to do. And if you’re watching and it’s hard for you right now, trust me, it gets easier. But the interesting part about becoming an entrepreneur and starting to get more successful and things like that is realizing that there’s so many ways to make money.

You can make money delivering papers, working at McDonald’s. You could sell on e-commerce; on Shopify, Amazon, Facebook. There’s all these different things. What’s most important for me is figuring out what’s the best way to make money. And the best way to make money, to me, means the most automated, that requires that least manual amount of your time so you can do the things you want, travel, enjoy yourself, go to the beach, play with your dogs, whatever, right? And so the best business model in 2019 is one that allows you not only financial freedom, but time freedom. And so for me, right, what I did was create information products. Information, literally, is a 300 billion dollar a year industry; it’s massive. Millions and millions of dollars are spent every single day on information products and things like that.

So what we did was we actually created courses helping people to get from A to Z making money on the internet. But there’s people who make courses on health, there’s people who make courses on relationships, there’s people who make courses on everything. I have a friend who made a million dollars teaching people how to jump higher. Think about that for a second. I know people who made piano courses. All these different things you wouldn’t even think about. – The handstand guy, you were telling me, right? – Yeah, we have a student in DCS that made $15,000 in two days selling a course on how to do a handstand. – What? – That’s crazy, right? But the world is so big, there’s so many people that, if you’re teaching something that’s not ridiculous, then there’s people who wanna learn and there’s people who are willing to pay to learn from somebody who can expedite their process, who can get them from A to Z faster. And so the example that I like to give is real estate. You could do real estate and invest in real estate and it’s gonna cost you a bunch of money up front.

You’re gonna have to hire workers, construction. There’s a bunch of upfront money that’s required. All of these things, right? And then the market could go down, you could lose money, there could be leaks in the pump, the plumbing. There’s all this risk. Or you could teach how to do real estate. There’s no risk, there’s no capital up front, you don’t have to invest any money to get started. All you need is just your phone to record, or your computer. And the scale that you can actually take it is infinitely higher. You can sell a million copies of a course and you never stock out. You can advertise and put a dollar into ads and get two dollars out, or a thousand dollars into ads and get two thousand dollars out, if you know what you’re doing.

So it’s just all these positives and no negatives. So that’s what we did in 2019 to really take things to the next level. – And I think it also helps a lot more when it comes to, everybody knows that you need a mentor. If you wanna go from A to B, you can either try to figure it out myself, which I tried to do four or five years ago without having zero results. And then I got a mentor and actually got results. So everybody knows you need a mentor to actually get started, to actually have success faster. And of course, in my opinion, it’s just leveraging information to actually help and serve people in a more and more scalable way, than just one on one coaching will be the next step further down, when it come to teaching. So you’re literally just a teacher, but instead of just being underpaid like a lot of high school teachers, you’re actually making millions of dollars. – The restraints with teaching one on one is you only have so much time.

– Time versus money. – Yeah, and so by leveraging a digital model, like with videos, you can play a video a million times and it doesn’t take any more of my time. So it’s basically just consulting, except the ultra efficient version of it. – Yep. Exactly. So tell me, what will then, for example someone here watching who thinks they’re not an expert or they’re just getting started. They’re watching here and they’re like “I wanna make money online. “I wanna make my own course or digital product.” What would then be your advice to actually have success like you have? To just give an example, I have a sort of a base business, and now I’m focusing more on the info side of things because I’ve obviously proven — , proven the model. Then obviously people wanna learn that. So going into the teacher role is a lot harder. But what would you say, for example, to somebody watching how can they get started? What is the step by step procedure to get into that? – A lot of people, they say “Kevin, I’m not an expert at anything.

“What can I make a course about? “I don’t have anything to make a course about.” But the thing is you don’t have to be the best in the world. You just have to be a couple steps farther ahead than the people that you’re helping. And if your help is worth more than the cost of your course, then people are gonna by it. It’s very simple, but people have this self doubt, which is what holds them back. But think about it like this. Who is driving the Lamborghinis? I know that sound stupid, but it’s like the course creators are driving the Lamborghinis.

Look at where the money’s actually flowing. Use your brain. Don’t listen to what people are saying. Look at what they’re doing. Like Tai Lopez. He’s not investing in real estate. He’s selling you a course on investing in real estate. That’s why he says it’s the best option. But who’s actually making the most money? The course creators. And I’m trying to make people really understand honest marketing for a change. Don’t listen to what people are saying, look at what they’re doing. I spend all my time making courses. Why? Because it’s the most profitable thing. So if you wanna get started, all if you have to do is figure out something to make a course about. The three evergreen topics; health, wealth, relationships. They always work, people are always gonna wanna learn about them.

Choose something like that, start building a following. The best way in the world is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. And start getting people interested. Give away value for free, and then all you have to do is build a couple quick funnels, get up some paid ads and watch the money roll in. – That’s pretty cool. And what I say for example, when it comes to the three evergreen niches I would say go three levels deep. So, for example just saying wealth, that doesn’t make any sense. Or fitness that doesn’t make sense. Fitness for men who want to work out at home. I always tell that. That’s more niche specific. But I love that. I love that. And again, I just like to expand a little bit more when it comes to just seeing what people are doing. People are like “Oh, but that’s scamming.” I always hear this all the freaking time. Wait, wait, wait. So you can sell real estate, or you can sell a course on how to sell real estate, but you’re a scammer because you’re selling a course on how to sell real estate.

But at the end of the day, if you are a real expert, not just some BS, you read a book and then you think I’m an expert, no. You know your stuff when it comes to real estate. You actually know how to invest in it, then you’re selling it and teaching people how to do it is good. You’re actually helping and serving them. It would be a disservice for me not to do it.

Because then you’ll have all the not gurus the actual people who are not gurus are crap, actually teaching it and they’re making the money and scamming people and it’s your fault because you’re not doing your job to teach. – And I had three guys just come up to me at this event, at Click Funnel Hacking live, and they went from zero to $90,000 a month on Amazon because of my course. If I was just selling on Amazon, I would never be able to help people like that. I would never be able to change people’s lives. And so obviously the money is important, but really what’s most important is actually adding value, changing lives, really finding fulfillment in impacting other people in a positive way. – Of course. Right now you can retire for the rest of your life, not doing anything else, you still have plenty of money to live on.

You can live 100 years with a $100,000 dollars, that is plenty of money right there. But right now it’s more about impact rather than income. – Absolutely. – So, again, it all comes down to this exact same thing. I think in my head a million dollars worth of handstands, or jumping higher. Okay, you’re a bunny now? That’s just crazy. If people wanna find out a little bit more maybe, they wanna take maybe some training or free training, whatever it is that you have to actually get, again, you build it yourself. Again, the proof is in the pudding, you’ve done it three times yourself. You’ve helped me as well. I’ve done a half a million dollars with my own program without even focusing on it.

I know you hate me for that, but now we’re doing that, right? But you’ve done it three times yourself, multiple millions of dollars in every single one and a ton of other students doing the exact same thing with their own courses in multiple niches. What would you say are the craziest niches that you’ve seen of your students? Apart from the jumping higher thing? – How to do handstands is one of the craziest. But people have STO courses in our program- – And the relationship one I think, how to pick up girls. – Yeah.

Relationships, how to talk to women, we have somebody teaching parents how to raise entrepreneurs. We have all these different- – Yesterday here, so I heard one, like astrology. – Astrology, yeah. Astrology courses are huge. Meditation is huge. There’s so many people who wanna learn. All you have to do is take the first step. If you guys are interested, we’re gonna have free training down here in the description.

We’re gonna teach you more than we could possibly fit into this one short YouTube video. So my advice to you would be look at the people that you think are successful, people that have things that you want, and look at what they’re actually spending their time doing. Skip to the end. Cut the line. Go out and start doing the most profitable thing that your mentors, or people that you think are successful are doing and emulate that and create that success yourself. – I agree.

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