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5 Proven Tips To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

Hey hello everyone this is Diana Castillo for money maker area dot com and in this video I’m gonna share with you five proven tips to make money online with affiliate marketing thanks to YouTube this is a very first time here in my channel welcome please go ahead and subscribe to the channel do not forget to hit the notification but I’m usually talking about how to make money online passive income lead generation traffic services and related topics so if this is something that you want to go ahead and master please go ahead and subscribe to the channel do not forget to hit the notification bell if you want to know what’s my number one recommendation to make money online I’m gonna leave a link below it’s gonna be the very first link in the description I strongly suggest you to go and check it out as I mentioned before I’m gonna be sharing with you five fervent tips to make money online with affiliate marketing thanks to YouTube the number one passion is oh yes I am gonna strong I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m ffice eyes on this okay passion is all passion is everything you need to share products that you feel passionate about okay you need to believe in the product most people are out there promoting products but they don’t believe on them and you can tell whenever you are actually watching the videos whenever you are checking out their reviews maybe they haven’t test the product themselves so why are you gonna do that I mean there is no reason so you need to share products that you feel passionate about if you feel passionate about it’s like whenever you’re telling your best friend about the best I don’t know the best game console that you buy the best movie that you just watched the best dresser on which you have dinner you know you’re gonna chair everything or every single detail and people can tell you’re gonna be so excited you’re gonna be smiling all time you know people know so this is exactly the saying whenever you’re doing a YouTube channel okay if you’re gonna promote a product make sure that you’re ready say to yourself make sure that you really enjoy the experience on it and make sure again that you believe in the product number two do you need to make sure that the product it’s aligned to your brand the product or the products azar you’re gonna promote they need to be a language or brine so they need to be aligned with your with your voice why do I say this it’s because this is your YouTube channel it’s you have your own personality if you do have your own voice you have ways in which you’re going to explain things to people and people are watching your videos because of you right so again whenever you’re creating a YouTube channel the YouTube channel needs to be niche related so the products are you’re gonna promote they’re gonna be nice related and they’re gonna be products s that are gonna be solving people products on that niche okay so for example my channel it’s all about entrepreneurship online intrapreneurship so the products that I suggest is products that I know that others all my entrepreneurships other people who are looking to make money online they need okay so everything that I mentioned here everything it’s online I’m not talking about random topics I’m not jumping from one shiny object to the next shiny object because first of all I refer products is that I believe that I use that I already test and most of the time I teach people how to use them okay they’re related to my niche so whenever someone come to my channel hey they know that I’m gonna provide them valuable information and they know if I do have a product that I’m gonna promote that I’m not gonna suggest and to test its because it’s gonna be a great product it’s because it’s gonna be a product that I believe in because they know that the product is related to the niche the third program tip is that you need to do a search or a research about the search activity how much interest is in your product or the product or gonna promote are people actively looking for this again the best way to promote a product online not only on YouTube is making sure that the product that you’re gonna promote it’s gonna solve a problem okay it’s gonna solve a problem or it’s gonna help people to get or achieve a better status a tool that I use its keyword everywhere is keywords everywhere it’s a Chrome extension I think it’s a Firefox extension I’m not 100% sure because I don’t use Firefox but it’s a free compensation that whenever you type in a keyword it can be a product name right or it can be a long-term keyword it’s gonna let you know how many people are actively looking for that information per month it’s also gonna give you related keywords so you can have a better idea and a better understanding maybe someone it’s you know looking to buy a camera right but they want to know how they can use it how it can help them is there is a downside on the camera if they are doing comparison between that camera and other camera everything is gonna be there with keywords everywhere that gave me to another point that got me to another point the product name and the product category okay sometimes you know there are people who are actively looking for a product name again if I go for the camera let’s say that they are gonna be actively doing at keyword research about the Canon d7 camera because they are pros they want to know like how its perform what’s the cause where can they get the best deal they want to check out reviews they want to check out the camera in action but maybe there are other people who really know they know that they need a camera but maybe they don’t know like hey which camera can I go for it so maybe they’re just typing in vlogging cameras or video blogging cameras or cameras for YouTube something like that so as you can see it’s the product category again you can get more ideas about it by using the Chrome extension that it’s called keyword everywhere so sometimes we think that we hit a home run when they were we target the product name but you you know you can help more people and maybe you can get more buyers and you can educate more people by using the product categories okay the perfect timing my suggestion again use keywords everywhere but also check on Google Trends check out like whenever let’s say that you are on a movie channel you’re doing movie reviews okay you be to be with the trends you need to know like whenever there is some news out there when this movie is gonna be released so the Saints with the products you can do a video review before the product launch if you already have you know the if you already have access to it if you know that there is gonna be a product launching that is gonna be related to to your niche also you can do a preview video when the product it’s already launched okay when the product is new the product gets fresh so because more people are gonna be actively looking for it if you are the last person who do it because you did not find out that people were doing this kind of search you’re gonna miss it okay the same like let’s say that you’re gonna have an special offer or you hear that there is this story or this product that it’s gonna happen special offer for Black Friday hey don’t create a video on Black Friday create a video before ok or create a series of videos before so people are gonna be aware most of the time people are doing research before and not exactly on the same dates okay you need to plan your content this is something that I do it I in my case I do a weekly plan I don’t I’m not good with monthly plans I need to understand my limitations so it’s better to know and it’s easier for you to create content if you already know what you’re gonna be talking about okay if not you’re gonna be wasting all day long trying to figure out what you’re gonna be talking about this is work for me and it can work for you that last but not least you need to pay attention to the trends in your industry and with that says not only online but offline okay I really don’t know what’s your niche or what’s your industry right but I know that most of us make the mistake to check out on the trends just online but maybe you’re gonna be under more and let’s say that you’re gonna be doing reviews about dresses I don’t know I’m just making it up and you know like there is a pattern whenever you go to the mall and whenever you get into the store they are different kind of cuts on the dresses and maybe no one else is already talking about this online so you can record a video explaining like hey this is the hut this is the best for the summer for the winter okay so you need to understand you need to check out that the industry is not only online but also offline so this is it for this video again if you want to know what’s my number one recommendation to make money online I gonna leave a link below check it out if you find some golden nuggets please give me a thumbs up this is gonna help me it’s gonna help my video it’s gonna help my channel also do not forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell if you have some questions you have some comments living in the comment area and I’ll be more than happy to answer them this is it for this video I see you on the next one

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