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Donald Trump Posted A Lot Of Shitty Tweets This Morning, But This One Was Definitely The Worst

by Lacey Stephens

Are you serious,

It’s this one here, in which Trump somehow seemingly argues that the FBI

Some portions of the FBI investigate your crooked ass… while other COMPLETELY SEPARATE portions of the FBI deal with crimes and threats like the Florida school shooter.

It’s a big organization. It can do multiple things at once. Field agents all over the country are assigned to specific, varied beats. The entire freakin’ bureau isn’t investigating your ties to Russia, Donald.

How is it possible that one man — and our PRESIDENT, no less — can be this dumb??

[Image via White House/YouTube.]

Read more: http://perezhilton.com/2018-02-18-donald-trump-fbi-russia-florida-school-shooting-twitter-rampage-accusation

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